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What is your Higher Self’s signature sign for receiving transmissions?

How does your inner being signal to you that it’s trying to sanction whatever it is that you’re doing or saying?

A common thing people want to determine is: how do I know if this thought or feeling is coming from my lower human mind or from my higher self?

During the 1st QHHT session I received, this is a question I requested that my practitioner ask me under hypnosis.

✨My Higher Self responded; via Frisson.

✨Frisson is also known as “aesthetic chills” or even a “skin orgasm” 🙌🏻

✨It feels like waves of pleasurable energy moving all over my body - but most commonly, I experience it washing over my neck and back.

✨This physical sensation that is accompanied by messages from my Higher Self is 100% undeniable.

✨I now know instantly what thoughts or outer stimuli are for my highest good.

✨In my practice, I encourage all of my clients to allow me to ask their Higher Self how they can know without fail that it is indeed their inner being trying to get their attention.

✨I’ve never had anyone answer this question in quite the same way!! Some examples from clients:

-Numbness in the fingers

-Pressure in the lower back

-A feeling of expansion in the heart space

-Warmth in the belly

-Chills in extremities

-Tingling in the crown chakra

✨This really showcases how unique we are when it comes to processing higher wisdom through our physical bodies!✨

✨What’s your signature sign from Higher Self?✨






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