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Synchronicity is an Ever Present Reality

✨"Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see."- Carl Jung.

✨Synchronicity - a term coined by psychologist, Carl Jung, can be defined as meaningful coincidences.

✨Moreover, these “coincidences” coincide between the internal and external planes of reality.

✨An example would be…you’re listening to an artist and considering buying tickets for their concert…when your friend texts you in the next moment that they just bought tickets for you to go!

✨During several of my “awakenings” the sheer number of synchronicities that I experienced all day long was extremely overwhelming for me. These states lasted weeks and sometimes months.

✨I thought I was losing my mind.

✨I wasn’t able to convey how meaningful they were because my reality is subjective to me and me alone.

✨The external manifestations of the events were visible in the physical world but the coinciding inner manifestations were only experienced by me.

✨I now believe that synchronicities are breadcrumbs for me to find dropped by my Higher Self. They let me know what to pay attention to.

✨I experience many synchronicities through music, movies and art in general. I think this is because we can enter an Alpha brainwave (subconscious) state when engaging this type of art.

✨The more I acknowledge and express gratitude for synchronicities, the more often they show up.

✨I know when I’m going out of alignment because the number of synchronicities slow down to a trickle instead of a constant river of experiences.

✨I no longer feel overwhelmed when these states of mind present themselves because I actively practice grounding.

✨I believe experiencing these states were part of my initiation into the divine, mystical and numinous modes of being.

✨Synchronicities inducted me into the worldview that reality isn’t rigid. It's malleable.

✨What are your stories of synchronicities?






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