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Illuminate Source Within

Discover Your Past Lives & Receive

Guidance From Your Higher Self


About Me

I am an eternal seeker who has fully immersed herself in all things metaphysical for the past 6 years. A series of awakenings have led me to follow the counsel of my higher self and step fully into service to others.

What I Offer

Beyond Quantum Healing is a heart centered and energy-based hypnosis regression modality in which we expand your consciousness to identify the origin of your present issues. This can be done by exploring events from past lives and communicating with your Higher Self. You'll be guided to the most appropriate times and places that may not be accessible by your conscious mind. Healing can be attained when you become aware of a wider depiction of your soul's journey. We can engage your Higher Self in a Q&A portion of the session where you may ask about any challenges you're facing and how to traverse them. What's incredible here is that you're engaging with the divine and infinite source within YOU. You are coming home to receive counsel from your own true and authentic essence.

Northern Lights


"Claire guided me through a past life regression and I've never done anything like this before...It was a crazy experience. I could feel it and see it so clearly once I was in this state. Each life was so different than the other, but with one common thread - loneliness. Without going into detail of each life, in the end I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for my husband and growing family. This process gives so much perspective and helped me to understand why I was born into the life I am in and how decisions in this life can change my circumstances forever. Claire is truly gifted and I would recommend this to anyone."

- Samantha

Seattle, WA

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"Earth is a school for mastering how to manipulate energy. We all begin with God and are sent out to learn and experience...The Earth school is the most difficult in the universe- only the bravest souls sign on for this assignment. 
Our path is like a giant circle with no beginning and no end. We are eternal- our Spirits can never die or be destroyed. We are fellow travelers in the game of life and our destinies are intertwined. 
Don't be afraid of shining a light. Don't be afraid of being powerful. Don't be afraid of being more special."

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